Sell Your House Fast: 10 Cheap Home Improvement Tips

Sell Your House Fast: 10 Cheap Home Improvement Tips

You might be dreading the idea of improving your home because it might cost you a fortune. Don’t fret! This list will enlighten you that simple and easy measures which you can do yourself will make a big (and positive!) difference in your home. You can ask your agent how to stage your home best, but it won’t hurt to get a headstart on making your home as presentable as it may be – without having to spend thousands of dollars.

  1. De-clutter – Making your place organized and free from clutter will give your potential buyers a good impression of you and your home, and what’s great about it is that it won’t cost you a cent. Start by clearing unnecessary items not just from easily visible spaces in the house but also in closets so that your clients can have a good idea of how much storage they could have.

  2. Hide signs of pets – Your client may be a dog or cat lover like you, but thick animal stench can still be off-putting for them when they’re trying to purchase their new home. If possible, ask someone to babysit your pets while potential buyers view your house. Make sure to stow away litter boxes, remove pet-related stains, and fix damages on furniture or any part of the house that have been caused by your pets.

  3. Arrange your furniture – Don’t overlook the small details! Even the simple act of reducing chairs on your porch will make your space look bigger and more presentable. Another thing you could do is to move furniture that obstructs entryways. Stage your house in a way that makes it more welcoming for potential buyers.

  4. Depersonalize your home – Make your house as base as possible, save for a few wall clocks and tasteful art. You want to make sure that your clients have plenty of room to visualize how they could make the space their own, and it’ll be hard for them to do that if you have too many photos of you and your family hanging on the walls.

  5. Upgrade your curb appeal – Again, small details can make or break your chances of selling your house. And when it comes to marketing property, it’s crucial that you make potential buyers fall in love with it at first sight. And, the first thing your client sees when they go to your house is your curb – so a swept walkway, nicely mowed lawn, and well-placed shrubs will make a really great impression.

  6. Add visible storage – A place for storage will always be a useful feature for your house. Hidden storage also helps, but visible ones will assist your clients’ visualization of where they could keep their stuff in place.

  7. Paint your walls and ceilings – This will surely brighten up your home and make it look clean. Take note that it’s always better to have your paint in neutral colors than in bold ones. Make your space look spacious and elegant by going with light colors such as white and beige.

  8. Change bulbs – In line with painting your walls, better lighting also makes for a brighter space which makes your house instantly appealing and inviting.

  9. Spruce up your kitchen – The kitchen can often make or break your chances of selling your home, and the best way to upgrade it is to make sure that things in it work properly. You can start out by adding new cabinet handles, updating lighting fixtures, and replacing faucet sets.

  10. Boost your bathroom - Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is what most buyers tend to be meticulous about. Spruce it up by cleaning your tiles and replacing your toilet seat.

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