Homeowners, Here's Your Maintenance and Safety Checklist for May

Homeowners, Here's Your Maintenance and Safety Checklist for May

After April showers come May, with weather too wonderful to be stuck inside, but just make sure not to spend too much of your time relaxing, but also keep up with your home maintenance and improvements that will prepare your home for the hotter months ahead. Of course, getting it ready for your summer barbecues and outdoor entertaining is also part of the deal. 
Here are a few things you should do for your home in May while enjoying more of the sunshine:

Check Your Home's Electrical System

May is National Electrical Safety Month, which is the perfect time to check on your home's electrical system. Start your inspection by checking cables, cords, and outlets for damages, as they can cause electrical hazards, especially around water. Replace those that have frayed wires or damage to the outer casing.
Make sure that the power strips throughout your home aren’t overloaded, and double-check that they have a surge protection feature. While you’re at it, replace any extension cords that are being used to power heavy appliances like an AC unit, as these cords aren’t designed to work continuously. Likewise, don’t forget to cover any unused outlets to prevent small children and pets from accidentally shocking themselves. This also helps to keep debris and dust from interfering with the sockets.

Clean And Mend Your Fence

After the spring rains, your fence might not be looking its best. As the weather becomes more consistent, spend some time outside to touch up your fence. A simple spot cleaning or pressure-washing may be just what it needs to look like new. Also, check for holes or gaps that need attention. And if replacing old rails is a task that's too intimidating for you, call a professional to help out.

Patch Cracks On Your Pathways And Walkways

If you haven't done so, take a closer look at the walkways and pathways on your property, and also those that are leading to and passing by your house. Large cracks and uneven surfaces can pose a hazard to you and your neighbors who walk around the area, so it’s worth taking the time to fix them. If there are cracks or potholes in the sidewalks, it’s best to call your local municipality to report it and see who is responsible for repairs.

Wash The Windows

A pleasant, rain-free day after the pollen eases is the perfect time to wash dirt and grime that accumulated on your exterior windows. Avoid doing this chore on very sunny days or at a time when a window is in direct sunlight, though, as the heat may cause the glass to dry too quickly and cause smears, according to window cleaning experts. Some of the items you need to clean your windows effectively include some warm water, quality dish soap, a non-scratch scrub pad, a sponge or washcloth, and a squeegee. Or best to leave it with the pros if the windows are hard to reach and you're not comfortable working on a ladder.

Have Your HVAC Serviced

Before the days start to completely warm up, have your air conditioning system inspected so it will keep you cool through the summer season. There's no denying that repair costs like this can be quite expensive, but it’s well worth it to keep your system running well during the hot months. So set up a schedule and consult a licensed professional to inspect and service your home’s HVAC. If your HVAC system doesn’t already have a programmable thermostat, remember to install one this time around to save money on your cooling bills this summer.

Clean Rain Gutters And Downspouts

Your home's gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year— yes, not just in the fall but also this spring. This task is necessary to prevent any clogging and drainage issues, especially after April showers and you have evergreens and trees around your property.

Before clearing off debris from your gutters, such as fallen leaves, tree branches, pebbles, and others, make sure you are equipped with a stable and sturdy ladder that can support you. Also, don’t forget to put on gloves and goggles to protect your hands and face.

Get The Grill Ready

If you haven't cleaned the grill before stowing it for the winter, now is the time to give it a good scrub so it can go a long way during summer’s outdoor cooking and entertaining. No matter what type of grill you have, check the owner’s manual first for tips and recommendations. But in general, you will need a new or at least a clean wire grill brush, a bucket of soapy water, a soft sponge, and gloves. Cleaning your grill as part of your spring cleaning will not only improve its efficiency but also extend its life expectancy so you can keep enjoying it for the years to come. Now, let the barbecue fun begin!

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